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Piloting Opportunities

Test your product in real environment

Helsinki is an ideal test bed for new innovations in the fields of health, smart and clean technologies.

We can connect you with right partners that can help you to test your product in Helsinki region and get a reliable reference market for your innovation.

Here’s how it works

  1. Tell us what you’re looking for – contact us and tell us about your product / solution you’d like to test in Helsinki
  2. Let’s find you a match – We’ll introduce to you the existing platforms for piloting and help you evaluate which one of them fits your needs
  3. Navigation through the fine prints – We’ll help you, if needed, to make sure you have all the paper work needed
  4. Equipping you with info on financial resources – Sometimes there is Tekes funding or other type of financial support available. We’ll make sure you know about the possibilities and can help you apply for it.
  5. Support in experimenting outside the box – If there isn’t yet a piloting opportunity and your solution matches our expertise areas (ICT, smart&cleantech or health tech & life sciences), we’ll help you identify potential partners and / or new platforms.

Who is this for

We offer this service to both local and foreign companies. Our focus domains are ICT, Smart & Clean technologies and Health tech & Life sciences.

Time frame

If you need public sector partners, the processes tend to take from a few weeks to a couple of months. With private sector partners, things tend to move a dash quicker.

Our experts on Piloting Opportunities