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Introductions to international investors

Growth companies + relevant investors = winwin

We do our bit to help Finland-based startups grow their visibility in the eyes of the international investors and thus raise money from international investors.

Here’s how it works

  1. Prevalidation interviews
    • According to investor set criteria (team, traction, stage, market)
  1. Advising & sparring
    • Identifying the suitable investors using investor profiles.
  1. Eyeballs
    • Raising interest among investors
    • Making intros to investor network
    • Active relationships with over 50 investors

Who is this for

We’re on the lookout for growth companies that are raising a minimum funding round of €1M, are looking for strategic investors and have an internationally scalable solution.

Time frame

We are in contact with both startups and investors on a daily basis.

Our experts on Introductions to international investors