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Helsinki Business Hub’s services for corporate – startup collaboration

HBH corporate – startup collaboration service gives you easy access to the most relevant and innovative teams in Finland. We’ve joined forces with a select group of players that know the local ecosystem and have a proven track record of making magic happen between large companies and startups.

The one thing that will increase your odds, is to engage with experts that have an intimate knowledge of the local startup scene and who are focused on corporate – startup collaboration with a proven track record of success.

Here’s how it works

  1. Let us get to know you. Are you scouting for startups, universities or companies to partner with? Do you want to do r&d ideation with specific experts? Looking for the best facilitators in open innovation models and practices?
  2. Make wise decisions. Based on your business model and your criteria, we will provide information whether it is about an industry or specific niches. Additionally, we’ll introduce you to the 3-5 most relevant players who could help you on your journey.
  3. Come for a visit. The best way to understand the ecosystem is to see it for yourself. We’ll be there to make sure that it will be unforgettable experience.
  4. Moving things forward. Treat us as your personal agents in getting most of the after-visit follow up. We’ll do our best to make sure that the dialogue continues between you and the companies you are most interested in.
  5. Beginning of a beautiful friendship. Our dream is to create best partnerships between international corporations and Finnish companies. Let’s make that happen.

Who is this for

We are looking for corporations who have open innovation as part of their genes, who have a dedicated team handling company partners and startups and who understand that success is only possible collaboration with startup community.

Time frame

From 2 days to less than 30 days if needed. Our connections to the key players in startup community enable us to do introductions in 1-2 days. If you are planning a visit to Finland, we’ve had a big corporation coming to Finland to scout for startups in less than a month from our first conversation together.

Our experts on Corporate & startup collaboration

Ms. Asta Kivi
Office administrator

+358 45 214 7494
Ms. Hanna Krootila
Project coordinator

+358 40 720 4989
Mr. Isaac Garfunkel
Marketing Communications Specialist

+358 40 129 0652
Ms. Cristina Vijoli
Marketing Communications Specialist

+358 50 357 1228
Ms. Irma Ylikangas
Senior business advisor

+358 40 749 7132
ChinaCircular economySingaporeSmart & cleanSmart buildings
Ms. Maria Lavonen
Senior business advisor

+358 40 198 0543
HealthMed techMed tech
Ms. Johanna Huurre
Director, Invest in
+358 40 021 1251
Ms. Sirpa Salmi
Marketing Project Manager, Health Capital Helsinki

+358 40 184 0302
Ms. Taru Virtanen
Communications Specialist, Health Capital Helsinki

+358 40 032 8919
Ms. Kaisu Sutinen
Senior Business Advisor, Health Capital Helsinki

+358 40 585 0623
Mr. Lauri Kuronen
Senior Business Advisor
Health Capital Helsinki

+358 40 575 1847
Mr. Juha Paakkola
Director, Health Capital Helsinki

+358 40 016 3980
Mr. Jukka Jokinen
Senior venture advisor

+358 50 562 3623
Investor services
Mr. Panu Maula
Venture and Talent Advisor

+358 40 669 3888
Investor servicesTalent
Ms. Kati Soini
Senior business advisor

+358 40 5011 469
Ms. Linda Emelianov
Venture Advisor

+358 40 120 6603
Investor services
Ms. Kirsi Taivaloja
HR & Financial administrator

+358 44 783 3218
Ms. Laine Valkama
Manager, Development and Administration

+358 40 775 4680
Ms. Maria Melnikova
Senior business advisor

+358 50 523 7417
Mr. Miska Hakala
Chief Executive Officer

+358 40 737 4697
Mr. Olivier Bonfils
Senior business advisor

+358 50 367 3406
EnergySmart & cleanSmart buildingsSmart mobility
Mr. Eelis Torvinen
Marketing Communications Specialist

+358 40 198 8791
Mr. Sandeep Shah
Senior business advisor

+358 50 366 2152
Digital infrastructureICTIndiaSmart maritime
Ms. Sonja Malin
Senior business advisor

+358 400 175 636
Circular economyEnergyJapanSmart & cleanSmart buildingsSmart mobility
Mr. Xin Wang 王昕
Senior business advisor

+358 40 139 2503
ChinaICTInvestor services
Mr. Venugopal Prabhakaran
Business Head, EU Region, PrEver Consulting Pvt. Ltd

+91 9886802620
Ms. Debashri M Dutta
Business Lead, PrEver Consulting Pvt. Ltd

+91 7411897522
Mr. Stanny J D
Founder and Director, PrEver Consulting Pvt. Ltd

+91 998 6594 215
Mr. Mohan Krishna T
Founder and Director, PrEver Consulting Pvt. Ltd

+91 99869 47779
Mr. Muhaimin Saidu
Founder and Director, PrEver Consulting Pvt. Ltd

+358 46 9006264