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Access to deal flow

Investors, let us make it easy for you

We offer international investors easy and efficient access to deal flow from Helsinki and Finland.

Profiling & Matchmaking

  • Curated leads based on investor profiles
  • Intros to relevant growth companies


  • Direct promotion and contacts to key players
  • Speaker slots at main events
  • Articles in relevant media
  • Other media visibility

Vital information

  • Alerts on local deals
  • Inside info on events
  • Help in navigating / understanding the Finnish ecosystem
  • Contacts to limited partners (LPs)

Here’s how it works

  1. Let us know about your interests and criteria
  2. We’ll get back with a few follow up questions if needed and then, based on your interests and preferences, start sharing our information with you
  3. Ideally, you’d come for a visit, which we’d be happy to host and help prepare the agenda for
  4. You’ll invest to a Finnish company

Who is this for

HBH Investor services are for you if you are active in Europe, have the ability to invest into Finland & invest in growth stages*.

* That’s rounds from €1M to €30M

Time frame

This is up to you: we send curated lead to some of our customers every week, and with some we speak twice a year.

Our experts on access to deal flow