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KPMG is a global audit tax and advisory firm providing a wide range of support to companies. For companies with a globally mobile workforce KPMG provides a complete end-to-end service that can easily be customized to match the specific needs of each individual situation. KPMG offers a wide range of services related to international relocation and assignment management services including tax, social security, relocation, immigration as well as cultural trainings. We handle each case individually and always carry out an assessment in the beginning of the service to ensure that our service meets the empolyee’s needs in the best possible way.


Our goal is to make the relocation of people as smooth and easy as possible. For us this means taking into consideration also the needs of the employee’s spouse and family during the whole relocation process.

Our immigration services include for example the assessment for the applicable permit type, timeline for the application process and documents needed. We can also help with the necessary translations and legalizations as well as assess the need for required authority registrations. We have globally and in Finland a very strong tax and social security practice and we can support in both standard situations as well as in complex multicountry working situations.

Our relocation services include for example pre-visit in the destination city, apartment search, organizing moving-in as well as support for family members, e.g. search of school or day care for the children. We also include support in understanding the tax level, commenting on various types of income and handling needed tax and social security actions towards the authorities.

Our global mobility services include (for example):
• Relocation support, such as house search, arranging bank accounts and understanding practicalities
• Arranging work permits and other needed authority registrations
• Assignment, cross-cultural and coaching trainings
• Communication and needed actions towards Tax authorities and social security authorities
• Personal tax, estimate calculations and advice
• Support on understanding social security and pension
• Posted worker registrations
• Helping the employing entity understand both tax and labour law related employer’s obligations

In addition currently we support on current issues, such as
• Brexit support

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