Finland Relocation Services

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Finland Relocation Services offers global personnel mobility services to and from Finland with over 25 years of experience. As the war for talent is intensified by demographic and technology shifts, we ensure that you can quickly and painlessly employ foreign hires and expats when and where the need arises. We work with companies of all sizes from all sectors and have been instrumental in setting up key resources for various companies in Finland. Our services reduce the time needed to begin operations and increase productivity and motivation, as attested by numerous refrences.


Our services enable foreign companies to settle their employees in Finland as quickly and efficiently as possible, whether they be project-based or longer-term assignments or employment. Hiring Finnish talent or sending Finnish employees abroad will also be vastly easier with the help of a professional. All matters relating to the immigration process, local taxation, relocation, and more will be quickly and correctly taken care of with decades of experience.

Together with our extensive network of partners, we provide you with a single contact point for establishing a permanent location.

Whether you are recruiting talent from or sending your own talent abroad, Finland Relocation Services will manage your employee’s, and their potential family’s, residence- and work permits, bureaucracy, apartment, school and day care matters, settling-in, and much more. Our services allow you to concentrate on your core business and will free your employee’s time for his or her job. Retention and image will also be improved, thanks to a problem-free move.

Finland Relocation Services also offer consultation and training.

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Business ID: 0969875-9
Employees in Finland: 11-50
Service languages: Finnish, English