Companies House Finland Oy

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Companies House Finland is your one-stop shop for establishing business operations in Finland. Whether you need professional assistance in registering a company in Finland, in complying with local laws and regulations, finding key people, or the relocation of employees arriving from another country, Companies House Finland is here to help you. We provide services in English, Spanish and Finnish.


We assist you in establishing a business in Finland. We can guide you in choosing the most appropriate company form, assist you in registering a company, help you in opening a bank account and find Board members or other key people for your company.

We also help you get your business started after the company has been established. We can find an office or other premises for you, help you apply for Business Finland or other funding, introduce you to investors and startup communities, assist you with mandatory requirements (accounting, auditing, occupational healthcare, pension insurances), help you find legal or other services, assist you in recruiting or support you in sales and marketing.

And, if you are hiring expats to work in Finland, we can assist your employees with work permits, local registrations and practical matters.

Business ID: 3170033-3
Employees in Finland: 1-10
Service languages: Finnish, English, Spanish