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Hands-on support for cross-border Angel investments

Take advantage of our Angel Team to build strong connections with local startups and active Finnish Angels. Get plugged into one of Europe’s top startup hubs while having a dedicated contact for any questions or local troubleshooting.

Big wins are born in Finland

Build your network


Local Investors

Just one local business angel group, FIBAN, counts 650+ approved members. Finland has one of the most active angel networks in Europe, making it easy to build syndicates with local leads.

Connect with talent

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With the most VC raised per GDP in Europe, Finland is a startup nation. Whether your experience is in deep technology, finance, or anywhere else, you’ll find some of the world’s most exciting entrepreneurs to bounce ideas with.

Get in early

The flywheel is spinning faster and faster: Finnish startups like Supercell, Wolt, Smartly, and Supermetrics are spitting out new entrepreneurs who have experienced hyper-growth firsthand. The next European unicorn is being born now.

Connect with local lead angels

Opportunities are everywhere in Finland. Use our matching services to connect with Finnish lead investors who are looking to add your expertise and international connections to their next deal.

Get your ear to the ground

Learn what’s happening in the Helsinki startup scene by connecting to local entrepreneurs through mentoring. Chat with our team about how to apply your skills and network to local accelerators, or to individual entrepreneurs.

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Let’s get in touch

What can we do to help you invest in Finnish startups?

Our goal is to increase foreign angel activity in Helsinki. Get in touch with our team if there’s anything we can do to move your next deal forward.

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